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BMW has been setting the technological standards in Authority Vehicles for over 50 years. To give just one recent example, the introduction of BMW ConnectedDrive has revolutionised what is possible with integrated online services. For instance, it is now possible to find addresses on the internet (with Google Maps) and transfer these directly to a navigation system as destinations. The vital seconds that this saves the emergency services could be the difference between the success and failure of their mission.

The history of BMW Authority Vehicles dates back to 1955, when the legendary BMW 501 and BMW 502 went into service with the Munich police force. These vehicles set new standards of operational practicality – the V8 versions produced 95 horsepower and had a top speed of 160 km/h, both extremely impressive figures for the time. Ever since, BMW has constantly worked in partnership with authorities around the world to push back the boundaries of what is technically possible.

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The iDrive control system makes it easy for drivers to manage all the standard and signalling functions of their BMW Authority Vehicles. This ensures they can stay focused on the road in pressure situations. The ergonomic positioning of the iDrive controller in the centre console means it can easily be operated with one hand. In BMW Authority Vehicles, special official-use functions such as roof bar controls can be selected from the start menu.* Minimising the number of additional components in this way both reduces costs and increases safety for the occupants.
* Functionality only available with Hella RTK-7 roof bar.


Customers can specify any version of the Hella RTK-7 roof bar on any BMW Authority Vehicle (subject to compatibility with the other equipment specified). The RTK-7 is even more aerodynamic than its predecessor, and incorporates high-intensity energy-efficient LED technology. On all BMW Touring/X-Models, the RTK-7 can be attached directly to the roof rails. The optional signalling device is based on an LED matrix, and can be programmed with any message, whenever required.


Every BMW is built to deliver uncompromising driving dynamics, combined with maximum fuel efficiency. All our development efforts focus on this goal, and virtually every technical component of every car helps to achieve it. But not only does this create a unique driving experience, it is also a crucial asset in terms of safety, which is obviously of great benefit to the emergency services. Because the feeling that you are in control of every situation is key to that unmistakable BMW driving experience.

  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Integral Active Steering
  • xDrive
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)


A wide range of optional equipment is available to meet your specific requirements. From signalling systems (rear flashers built into tailgate, factory-fitted police labelling or front signalling device built into sun visor), equipment for safety and reliability (luggage-compartment grille partition and built-in second battery) and communications (TETRA aerial) to operations and ergonomics (built-in firearm locker and additional rear-view mirror) – BMW offers quality accessories tested to stringent standards.


When it comes to undercover operations and security escort services, unmarked BMW Authority and Security Vehicles are constantly setting new standards. The special requirements that users have of these vehicles are taken into account in the design and development of the standard models, meaning the necessary modifications are more easily made and more effectively integrated. For example, using iDrive to control radio and GPS systems not only improves concealment, it also decreases installation costs (and the cost of deinstallation prior to resale). With a range comprising the BMW X5 Security, the BMW X5 Security Plus and the BMW 7 Series High Security, BMW offers a suitable solution for all kinds of situations where a higher degree of mobile protection is required.