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Corporate Aftersales.

There is more than one route to success. And it’s not always straight ahead; after all, the business world is revolving faster than ever. The key topics here are gaining time, controlling costs, organisation and trust. Being able to rely on a partner who pursues the same goals is worth a lot. Discover how BMW Corporate Aftersales can support you on your route to greater business performance.

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ON THE SAME ROAD.Corporate Aftersales.


Corporate Aftersales.

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Wherever you are, with the tailor-made services of BMW Corporate Aftersales you are always mobile and you can enjoy that most valuable of commodities: time.

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Benefit from full cost control and transparency – with the individual solutions and a service that is fully tailored to you and your business.


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Mobility at a supreme level – this applies to the journey in a BMW and specially when something unexpected happens. Then we are there for you and act quickly and effectively.

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Corporate Aftersales.


Corporate Aftersales.


Mobility is not a nine-to-five Business.

Busy people easily lose track of time. Customer appointments, schedules and also their own leisure time should not have to wait. This is why we offer you and your fleet maximum service with minimum downtime. This competitive edge allows you to generate profit – and even enjoy the benefit in time.
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BMW Fast Lane Service and Guaranteed Scheduling: Man in front of BMW looking into the camera

Guaranteed Scheduling.

Nobody wants to put up with long downtimes. To make sure you and your fleet are back on the road as quickly as possible, the Appointment Guarantee is available exclusively for your business customers. Our specially trained service staff ensure that you are mobile again as quickly as possible.
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Know-how from a single source: one-stop shop.

The success of a project depends crucially on the organisation. It’s all the better then when a reliable partner is available who can meet all your needs. You are in the best hands with your BMW Service Partner – from the routine check through to tailor-made services. This saves costs, nerves and above all time.
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BMW service and workshop expertise.

In the business world, it is important to have a partner who is 100% reliable. This applies not least to the vehicle fleet. Your BMW Partner has experts who meet the highest standards ready and waiting to help you. After all, one thing above all others creates trust: first-class work.


Because the extra mile doesn’t need to cost extra time.

The best costs are those not incurred at all. You can take a step in this direction with a comprehensive cost check. BMW Corporate Aftersales offers you a broad range of solutions especially tailored to your business needs.
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BMW Service Inclusive: A man is sitting in a BMW and looking into the rear-view mirror

BMW Service Inclusive.

Keeping fleet costs down is one of the greatest challenges. With BMW Service Inclusive you obtain full cost security and transparency. All included service and maintenance work is included for the period of your choice at an attractive fixed price. And this applies to all participating Service Partners throughout the world.
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Original BMW Parts: A man is talking to an ice cream vendor

Original BMW Parts.

We pay attention to the details; this is the only way to guarantee optimum performance, lasting value retention and the greatest possible safety. This is why service and repair work on business and fleet cars are carried out exclusively with BMW Service Partners – to strict quality regulations and with high-grade Original BMW Parts.
Original BMW Repairs and Services: Man with smartphone in his hand is standing by a BMW

Original BMW Repairs and Services.

Our company cars bring genuine added value for your company. Original BMW Repairs and Services are there to make sure it stays that way even after damage from an accident or hailstorm. With expert knowledge and modern methods of repair, our service specialists carry out the repair of your vehicle professionally so that it again meets all the BMW Group quality and safety requirements.
BMW Roadside Assistance: Ice cream vendor is waving to the man in the BMW

BMW Roadside Assistance.

In business, it’s a good feeling to know precisely to whom you can turn to if it comes to the worth. With the BMW Breakdown and Accident Service, an expert contact is always only one phone call away. This always keeps you mobile wherever you are, around the clock and 365 days a year.


Arriving safely is everything. And, above all, a prerequisite for everything else.

BMW Corporate Aftersales: A man and a woman are talking. There is a BMW in the background
Predictive Maintenance: A woman is sitting at a table with a purse in her hand

Predictive maintenance.

Just imagine you are managing vehicles that ease your workload rather than cause it. They inform you before a fault occurs, so that no downtime occurs. Predictive maintenance is one of the most efficient measures for permanently keeping your fleet in optimum condition. For you this means: reliability, safety and the peace of mind you need in order to be able to concentrate on your business.
BMW Condition Based Service: Woman in front of a building

Condition Based Service.

If business areas become more dynamic, then you should also expect the same behaviour from your fleet. Specified service intervals are a thing of the past, now your vehicles know when they have to go to the workshop. When it’s time for a service, your BMW will tell you. Only what is really necessary will be replaced. This saves you unnecessary costs and downtime.


Success needs the right drive. Preferably also on four wheels.

In the long run, speed alone does not take you to your destination. In the long term, standards of quality and safety grow, as does the desire for excellent service. It is this driving force that means we are constantly giving our best every day. At BMW Corporate Aftersales, we offer you service at a supreme level– a service on which you can rely. And it is not only fast but offers you relaxation and safety in your stressful daily routine.
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BMW Courtesy Car Service: The luggage compartment of a BMW contains a bag and a skateboard

BMW Courtesy Car Service.

In a closely scheduled everyday business routine, stagnation is not an option. Rely on us: while your vehicle is being repaired, your BMW Partner provides you with a courtesy car. This ensures that you are back on the road quickly and arrive at your next appointment relaxed. Or you can enjoy your well-deserved rest after work.
Original BMW tyres: Man on a skateboard

Original BMW tyres with star marking.

To obtain the star, the tyres have to undergo a comprehensive test regime. This involves examining many more quality features than is prescribed by law. The optimised rolling resistance saves fuel and that becomes apparent in the balance sheet for your fleet. In addition, the tyres are matched model-specifically to the chassis of your BMW to guarantee optimum performance.