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To ensure your BMW remains an original.

Every day your BMW delivers high performance, and if it is to remain fully functional, there must be flawless interplay between all parts. This is why you should select Original BMW Parts: perfect performance can only be achieved if all parts are precisely matched to the requirements of each individual BMW model. Whether Original BMW New Parts or Original BMW Remanufactured Parts, every Original BMW Part is subject to the same standards of quality as BMW vehicles – from construction planning to quality assurance. The precision and high-quality construction of each Original BMW Part guarantees that all components in your BMW work together perfectly – for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity.

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  • 01 The very highest quality in every way
  • 02 Best value for money
  • 03 Guaranteed long-term value retention of your BMW
  • 04 First-class BMW expertise
  • 05 Up to 24-month warranty*

* applies to Original BMW New Parts and Original BMW Remanufactured Parts

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In the case of wear and tear, damage or defect, BMW offers a precisely fitting Original BMW New Part for every component as of model launch until at least 12 years after discontinuation – thereby ensuring reliability, value retention and driving pleasure. For the entire service life of the vehicle.

Original BMW parts new parts brake discs brake pad

Original BMW Brake Discs and Pads.

Original BMW Brake Discs and Pads interact perfectly with all vehicle components and guarantee high braking performance and reliability. For example, the ABS on your BMW is also precisely designed to work in combination with Original BMW Brake Discs and Pads. The excellent braking performance results, among other things, from the large diameter of the brake disc, which is precisely calculated for each BMW model. Original BMW Brake Pads are characterised by high component strength and are therefore powerful even under extreme loads - with a long service life thanks to low wear behaviour.
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Original BMW parts new parts BMW battery

Original BMW Battery with AGM Technology & Original BMW Battery with Calcium Technology.

Original BMW Batteries with AGM Technology (AGM stands for ‘Absorbent Glass Mat’) are ideally suited to meeting the constantly growing energy requirements of modern electrical systems. Once a vehicle has been fitted with AGM technology ex works, the battery must never be replaced with another technology in the future. Boasting high electrical performance, even at extreme temperatures and reliability that meets the demands of cold starts, the Original BMW Battery with Calcium Technology is especially suited to BMW vehicles without EfficientDynamics functions.
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Original BMW parts new parts filter

Original BMW Interior Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter & Fine Dust Filter.

Particulate matter, pollen or pollutants: Original BMW Interior Filters remove all of these dangerous elements and markedly improve the air in the vehicle’s interior. The Original BMW Air Filters are precisely tailored to the relevant BMW engines and provide them with the right amount of purified air. Whether your engine is petrol or diesel, the Original BMW Fuel Filter enables the engine to unleash its power to the optimum and counteracts contamination of the injection system. As soon as you get into your BMW, you can take a deep breath and feel refreshed and at ease. Thanks to the new Original BMW Fine Dust Filter and its innovative filter technology, harmful particles contained in the air entering your vehicle are reduced to an absolute minimum.
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Original BMW parts new parts wiper blades

Original BMW Wiper Blades.

Snow, water or dirt: Original BMW Wiper Blades boast optimum cleaning efficiency and perform impressively in any weather – and even after 300 hours of use. Original BMW Wiper Blades combine two different material mixtures. A hard, durable wiper lip for optimum distribution of contact pressure and a soft wiper rubber backing to dampen the wiper lip.
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Original BMW parts new parts LED rear lights

Original BMW LED Rear Lights.

Original BMW Rear Lights with LED technology not only impress with their aesthetics along with their high-quality and resistant material – but also and above all due to their cost-effectiveness and safety. LED technology brings energy savings of up to 50% compared with conventional bulbs while at the same guaranteeing a long service life and greater fail-safe operation. Thanks to their short response time, the traffic behind you receives information without any delay and can react faster as a result, which leads to more safety in road traffic. Original BMW Rear Lights and headlights are installed in original equipment manufacturer quality and contain Original BMW Bulbs compliant with the respective national legal standards (ECE in Europe, SAE in USA).
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Original BMW parts new parts shock absorber

Original BMW Shock Absorbers.

Original BMW Shock Absorbers stand for maximum safety and outstanding ride comfort. Their gas-assisted double-tube construction offers three crucial benefits: improved driving characteristics thanks to precise wheel guidance and direct response, a noticeable reduction in noise and significantly enhanced functional stability even under extreme conditions due to the use of special oil. This design and the perfection in tuning to every specific BMW model guarantee driving characteristics typical of BMW with optimum comfort and supreme dynamics. The cushioning of impacts also keeps the body structure stable and minimises tyre wear as well as the strain on chassis components.
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The underlying idea is recycling: up to 90% of all components can be reused. At the same time, Original BMW Remanufactured Parts are subject to the same quality guidelines as an Original BMW New Part, and what’s more they also come with a 24-month warranty. All components that cannot be processed directly are up to 95% recycled. This is a calculation that pays off – for the environment and for your wallet.

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Original BMW Remanufactured Parts.

  • Original BMW Remanufactured Engines.
  • Original BMW Remanufactured Automatic Transmissions.
  • Original BMW Remanufactured Transfer Cases.
  • Original BMW Remanufactured Steering Boxes.
  • Original BMW Remanufactured Turbochargers.
  • Original BMW Remanufactured Starter Motors.


Original BMW Parts BMW Remanufactured Parts remanufacturing process dismantling

Professional dismantling.

Suitable parts are either returned back to the parts cycle through the dealer organisation or professionally dismantled from used vehicles.
Original BMW Parts BMW Remanufactured Parts remanufacturing process cleaning

Elaborate cleaning.

At the beginning of the reconditioning process, all future remanufactured parts are subjected to a complex cleaning process (e.g. using dry ice).
Original BMW Parts BMW Remanufactured Parts remanufacturing process testing

Visual and functional testing.

Before the parts are reconditioned, they have to undergo visual and functional testing to confirm their aptitude for use as an Original BMW Remanufactured Part.
Original BMW Parts BMW Remanufactured Parts remanufacturing process reconditioning

Cutting-edge reconditioning.

During the remanufacturing process, the parts are professionally dismantled, the components are then tested and replaced in industrial assembly if defective. The processed parts then undergo renewed inspection. Sensitive wearing components are replaced as a preventive measure, and, where possible, the electronics are upgraded to the latest software status.
Original BMW Parts BMW Remanufactured Parts remanufacturing process Quality assurance

Strict quality assurance.

Original BMW Remanufactured Parts are subject to the same quality standards as new parts and have to pass the same rigorous inspection procedures. Quality assurance along with the 24-month warranty ensure that the quality of the remanufactured product matches that of a newly produced part.